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Same-Day Service And Great Everyday Rates!

Small businesses, individuals, and rental property owners count on RS Tax Service for year-round filing service. With RS Tax Service, you will receive reliably great service and advice at a reasonable fee.

The tax preparers at RS Tax Service can assist you with:

  • T1 Tax Preparation Services for Individuals
  • Small Business and Home-Based Business Owners
  • Rental Properties
  • Tax Planning Advice
  • GST and HST Remittances
  • T1 Adjustments and Filing Past Due Returns
  • Assistance in Interpreting CRA-Related Correspondence
  • Disability Tax Form

Fast EFILE Service

With our EFILE service, you can expect a fast, accurate return deposited right into your chequing or savings account.

For more detailed information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website or simply call RS Tax Service today!

Make sure there’s nothing you missed—download the tax checklist!


Your Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions at RS Tax Service include:

  • What should I bring to my appointment?
  • Do I have to file a return?
  • How long should I keep my income tax records?
  • What do I do when I'm missing slips or receipts?
  • How do I qualify for the disability tax credit?
  • Can I claim my son or daughter’s tuition?

Find answers to these and more on the CRA’s “All About Your Tax Return” page, or simply give us a call at any time—we’d love to help!

Do I Qualify for An EFILE?

Ninety-five percent of Canadians are eligible for the EFILE system. If you fall outside this portion of the population, we can most likely assist you in filing a manual return as well.