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Roberta Hearn, expert tax specialist with over 30 years of experience, from teaching future tax specialist, working for different major tax firms to owning her own tax business. Roberta’s comprehensive Knowledge and experience of the tax industry is second to none. During her ownership of RS Tax, Roberta mentored her daughter Michelle Trowbridge for 10+ years passing along her years of knowledge and experience of the tax industry so she too could succeed with her. Unfortunately, at the age of 66 Roberta passed away in 2022.

Through the heartache and loss of her mother, Michelle persevered by doing the unthinkable. Taking on the daunting task of keeping her mother’s legacy. By continuing with the business and client accounts, Michelle vowed to ensure her mothers compassion, integrity, and dependability that her mother has instilled upon her to carry on to our unwavering dedicated clients for years to come.

Michelle continues to run the business remotely due to the restrictions that happened during covid pandemic. She made the hard decision to close the long-established office in Whitby and moved it to Kingston. She found that remotely was the best way to ensure RS Tax clients continued to receive reliable service with no restrictions when needed.

Through this hard time, she remained in contact with clients to ensure they could still reach out for service when needed.